Wuilt Explainer Video

Wuilt is a website builder launched by Vertex Advertising, they – at Vertex –
wanted an explainer video to introduce Wuilt to the public. Vertex wanted an
abstract video explaining the philosophy of Wuilt, and aiming to have “The
Grid” as an art reference.
Our process to choose and create a stylebook is split into two stages; ideation
and inventiveness. Through both, we are able to create a visual concept that
can work closely with the content at hand in a complimentary conduct in
various contexts.
The creative content team gathered to come up with a script that suits the
formal personality of Wuilt, and aids in producing an abstract motion graphics
video, as requested by the client.
Reflecting on the analysis made to the information communicated within the
script, we were looking to reflect the sanctity of creation, in concept. How
efficient and simple creation is unique and hard to come by. Also, that Wuilt’s
intervention in the creation process can simplify it and make it more engaging.
The idea of creation is presented as the immersion of the 3 most basic shapes;
circle, triangle, and square. All the shapes in our world one way or another
stem out of these shapes, and this is an abstract metaphor for Wuilt’s totality in
creation. On the other hands, Wuilt’s unique service is represented in the form
of a line that draws the shapes and organizes all the elements into place. A
line is essentially the most elementary creation component in all the visuals
that surround us.
The creative art team refined the script to get a suitable yield, and they endedup using abstract and line arts. With smooth line motions and dark color
choices, both the brand identity and the professional tone were delivered.
The art team worked on a 2D abstract iconography and shapes in a web-
design style all within the building phase, the conventional graphical elements
are to be displayed as a sum creation of the line which is present as a representation of Wuilt.

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