January 16, 2021

Thermal Bath, Permet, Albania

The Benja Thermal Pools are smooth and clear, and also contain a high content of sulphur. The stone baths are the most authentic, and as such, attract a large amount of visitors all year-round. The winter, when the temperature in Përmet falls below 0 degrees celsius is the best time to immerse yourself in these hot baths. Enjoy that satisfying contrast between the air and water! Remember though, 20-25 minutes in the pool usually suffices! More time in the highly sulphuric waters can be quite overwhelming, and not necessarily that good for you.

Don’t be surprised if you notice people here covered entirely in black mud! These muddy deposits of the thermal waters contain regenerative properties for the skin. The waters flow from the deep chasms of the cliffs surrounding the Langarica Canyon. They have been well-known for their health purposes since antiquity. You can find two of the largest and most popular baths at the foot of the Bridge of Katiu (the Judge’s Bridge). These are known for being particularly beneficial for curing gastric and rheumatic diseases. A visit to these natural baths provides you with wonderfully natural health benefits, whilst taking in the spectacular scenic landscape of Përmet.

The beautiful Ottoman bridge is another popular attraction in an area highly-regarded for its archaeological value. The earliest objects found in the cave settlements here belong to the Neolithic (7000-3000 BC) and the Eneolithic (3000-2000 BC) periods.

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