Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Thomas the Tank Engine Reveal Trailer (FAKE)

THE STORY ON HOW THIS VIDEO WAS BORN: So, I was watching a Thomas & Friends Video (Yes, I have an interest in that show, don’t ask why), anyway, as soon as I saw the scene where Sir Topham Hatt got the envelope, I quickly made a funny edit about adding the Smash envelope instead of the Queen’s envelope. I shared it on Hangouts with the TJGGC (The Joseph Goes Group Chat). And then Joseph himself reacted by saying “wtf? Sir Topham Hatt got a letter with a Super Smash Bros. “O”. And then I sent it to my fan group. And then, Andrew and Match Productions dared me to make the video of the image.

Made with:
Movie Maker (Main elements)
Blender 2.79 (Animating the T&F Logo)

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