Mextoys video 2 +18

Mextoys, second Video [Ca. 4:00″] Some takes on daily life on Mexican streets, related to noisy toys and crowded street fairs. Several noisy balloon street-sellers are also present. Some short, but quite explicit sex takes are present. Here the relationship between toys, sex, dance and game is clearer, less abstract, more real. Some sections of the sound track were listened before, in the past movement, some image-references will be seen in the next by the performers.

Source material recorded in Cuernavaca, Querétaro, Mexico City and Berlin, 2003-04. Produced and edited in Berlin, DSP tracks : Source sounds recorded in Mexico and Germany by C.S. 1995-2004. Video edition and DSP tracks produced at Sireña a.v.d. Berlin and Mexico.

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