Bigfoot Chronicles

Take Your Family on an Amazing Adventure as You Search for Bigfoot Without Leaving Home!

Join Rock Thomson, award-winning filmmaker as he sets out to find Bigfoot. ​Hired by a group of Native-American Nations to save their sacred forests, Rock travels to a small town in Oregon. He interviews several locals about Bigfoot (and they are a hoot!) and hears several amazing and funny stories, Rock learns the secret about how to find Bigfoot. He puts together an expedition and they journey into the remote and uncharted forests of Oregon to capture footage of Bigfoot. The journey takes them into some of the most beautiful forests in the world. Rock captures much more than video of Bigfoot.

This story is based on actual accounts of Bigfoot interaction and sitings.

Intended for audiences of all ages, this action-Packed movie is filled with insight about Bigfoot and the people who track him. Filled with the most beautiful scenery ever filmed, your whole family will love this movie! Language is suitable for all audiences.

Thousands of fans love this movie because it is pure entertainment, and isn’t that what movies are supposed to be?

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