Animated Explanation video

A long lab research showed that 87 seconds is the magic number. It’s the proven time to make the best impact on your audience.

That’s what we’re all about. We create kickass motion graphics that are exactly 87 seconds long. What is motion design? It’s the art of bringing visuals to life. Visuals like vectors. Icons. Multimedia. Characters. Letters. Pictures. You got it, we put it into motion.

What sets us apart from the others? We create riveting videos you can afford. We are experts at tailoring communication to your identity. We pay attention to your purpose. Style. Fonts. Colors. Tone. Audience.Goals. Deadlines. And so much more. You tell us what you want, and we deliver it.

Motion designs are created by artists. Sometimes it’s difficult to get an artist to meet your vision, right?

Not with us. Sit down in the director’s chair and create your video in four easy steps. One, choose a motion design type and a style frame. Two, build a scenario
and a script. Three, choose a voice-over and music. Four, discuss the video in review rounds. It’s that simple. You’re the director, and we’re your crew.

Your nifty motion design will encourage your audience to take action. It
will make your brand stand out and bring you extra leads… all in 87 seconds.

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