Air Transat Safety Video

The idea behind the video was twofold. First, it had to be as simple and short as possible, but never jeopardize the clarity of the information conveyed. Then, we wanted to sprinkle the film with elements from our travelers’ favourite destinations. The result: a short film that illustrates safety features and vacation settings with playful metaphors alternating at a face pace.

Director: Vallée Duhamel
Creative director: Olivier Valiquette 
Art director: Jean-Michel Mercier
Copywriters: Thierry Faucher, Mélodie Karama
Set art director: Louisa Schabas
Director of photography: John Londono
Account directors: François Forget, Jean-François Bergeron, 
Account executive: Camille Joly
Agency production:  Vicki Gagnon, Laurence Houle
Production: Sailor Productions – Mathieu Dumont & Joelle Raymond
Post-production: Workshop
Sound: Lamajeure – Mathieu Morin

Agency: Sid Lee

Likes: 101